Movie Day!

I always say that I don’t get out much.  I suppose everything is relative, but for a girl who used to go to museums, bars, and events in the city, it’s the truth.    Movies?  Forget about it.  What time isn’t …

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Social Networking at Work – Who Does What?

In what has become a 3 part arc, today I am going to talk about who should do what at work when it comes to social networking. It’s inspired by a question I got recently from a co-worker who knows of …

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Social Networking at Work – Parameters

In a previous post, I talked about how I feel about social networking at work – that it’s a great opportunity for employees to be able to interact and converse with our customers and others in the industry.  That said, …

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I speak for all women when I say, "Leave Jessica Alone!"

I may not be a fan of Jessica Simpson’s, nor is this a weight-loss/healthy eating/put down those nachos kind of blog, but I couldn’t let this one go… I’m here to say leave Jessica alone. In case you have no …

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Social Networking at Work

I had an interesting question from an employee yesterday.  She was commenting on someone’s Facebook status updating during a meeting, and asked what the rules were on that.  That is, did I permit employees to be doing social networking stuff, …

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State of the Boy, First Edition of 2009

I haven’t written much about the Boy, because in a macro sense at least, things are business as usual.  He’s still in his pre-school in the morning and entertaining his motley crew of home service providers in the afternoon.  He’s …

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Let them eat Obama cake

My friend Andrea sent me these pictures.  The Riviera Bakehouse, aka IT’s Girl’s happy place, created this cake to commemorate the inauguration of President Obama.  I didn’t eat it, but I guarantee it’s yummy.  The top, I believe, is painted …

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The Class That Changed My Life

Saw a great blog post on Harper Academic from one of their employees about what class changed her life.   It got me thinking about a class from a *long* time ago and something I did recently. I wonder how many …

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Facebook and Fate

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of my Facebook rules is that I try to always accept friend requests from people who went to my high school.  I went to a very small private school in Westchester that isn’t …

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Night out with the Mayor, part 2

In a previous post, I forgot to include our “group photo” from the Guide to NYC Landmarks product launch.  Here you go… I’m front row, third from left.  To my left is Justin, my work husband.  PJ, our events manager, …

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Facebook: What are the rules?

Recently, I was at a party attended by a bunch of local parents.  One of them came up to me and after some small talk made a point of mentioning to me that Facebook was freaking him out.  It’s interesting …

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Mark your calendar! Blog Launch Party on Monday!

My blogging buddy Tracee Sioux is revamping her web site and wants to invite you to a blog launch party.  Be sure to stop by on Monday and see what she’s up to.  Tracee is a supermom who shares her insights on …

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And so it is done

The Girl has decided.  Certainly, she took your votes into consideration, but in the end, she did what she did best.  Made up her mind. Meet Soccer Girl. Me, I was partial to Miniapp and Widget for creativity, but dreaded …

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Name the Kids, last call!

Voting will close whenever the spawn currently known as Little IT decides it does.  So get your vote in before she shuts the whole thing down.

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"Specatacle: Elvis Costello with The Police" airs tonight

I blogged about this when it happened, now FINALLY I get to watch it. Here’s the broadcast  info from the Sundance Channel site. Get through the wait with a little preview… Squeeeeeeee!

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