Disney Dining, Allergy Style

For those getting ready to go to Disney, either for the Social Media Moms celebration or for you own special occasions, it can be a bit much to plan for meals if you have food allergies.  But don’t worry, Disney is one of the easiest places on the planet to navigate for the food allergic.  I’ve written a couple of posts that can give you some background, but the most important thing to remember is to COMMUNICATE!  Ask your server or counter service person about your allergy.  Talk to a chef.  There is usually something that can be done to make sure the allergic person is dining safely.

Planning for Disney Social Media Celebration with Food Allergies?

Taking on Disney with Food Allergies

What tips do you want to share to help keep food allergic folks safe?


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Ellen Gerstein is the owner of Confessions of an IT Girl (confessionsofanitgirl.com), where she writes about all her passions, including travel, marketing, social media, special needs parenting, and the glamorous life of a soccer mom.
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