When Bullies Target…Amazon – UPDATE

Earlier in the week I wrote about how a book of ours by an author I adore was being targeted by bullies writing fake reviews on Amazon. 

We got the word from Amazon that the reviews, even the ones that talk about chapter 35 of a 19 chapter book and the ones that say the reviewer hasn’t even read the book, will stay up there as they are not in violation of Amazon.com’s terms of service.

While this is certainly disappointing, I do want to thank all those who wrote reviews of the book and voted for which reviews were the most helpful.  The accurate reviews are certainly rising to the top of the listing, and that’s a positive.  Even though Wendy was upset at being targeted in this way, she has been so grateful to all those who came out to stand up to these bullies.  As I am - overwhelmingly happy to see people have her back. 

And for the folks on Twitter who called me out suggesting that I was doing this to get good reviews up for the book, be certain that in no way did I even suggest or imply that.  I asked for people who read the book to review it, period.  Not “only give it a good review”, just give it a review.  A review that is literate, well written, and gives you some idea about what the value of the book is for readers is a good thing.  Stupid reviews that present juvenile humor and use crude and inaccurate language are not helpful to anyone. 

Moving on…

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2 Responses to When Bullies Target…Amazon – UPDATE

  1. People suck. Seriously. I almost feel sorry for whoever has that much time and anger in his/her life to be inspired to do something so ridiculously juvenile and mean. Karma is a bitch, though, so hopefully he/she will get a really bad case of scabies.

    You were a sweetheart to stand up for your author like that, and I am sure that the book will persevere. I always think Amazon reviews are kind of worthless anyway.

  2. Ellen G says:

    Thanks Triple-F. It’s hard to have an author go through the excitement of launching her first book to then have something like this happen. h

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