"Up All Night"

In past blog entries, I told of our efforts to get the IT Boy to sleep through the night.  I’m happy to say that after much work he is probably one of the best sleepers in the house.

Mr. IT would tell you that it was all a natural evolution, that he just reached a point where he was ready to sleep through the night and it had nothing to do with the massive time we spent getting him to cry it out, ferberizing, and the like.

Uh huh.

In case you are wondering what the “cry it out” process was like in our family, I present to you this clip from “Modern Family”, which is a show that  if you aren’t watching, you must start watching immediately.  It’s quite funny and I can’t remember an episode where we haven’t found some hysterical situation to relate to.

 Think of me as the redhead with glasses and Mr. IT as Cameron.   Seriously.  These interactions have all taken place in our household in the last year. 

Case closed.

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5 Responses to "Up All Night"

  1. steve says:

    You are right. Modern Family ties GLEE for best new show of the year.

  2. karen hoffman says:

    lol… You were the red-head? OY!! lol.. I was the fat guy!! haha ,,still am!!

  3. Kwana says:

    Oh I went through that too…with twins!!

  4. Melody says:

    I’m the redhead, and OMG- WHY AM I NOT WATCHING THIS SHOW YET? Oh yeah, b/c I have to catch sleep where I can. Because my almost one year old still does not sleep through the night.

  5. citypixie says:

    My spouse and I are both red heads. Oh dear.

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