Beautiful Lengths Indeed!

img_0294Meet my friend Cassie.  She’s 9 years old. 

Truth be told, she’s not strictly my friend.  She’s my daughter’s best friend.  But no matter.  She’s one of my heroes.

Cassie decided to help someone.  Someone she’s never met and isn’t likely to meet.  She decided to particpate in Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign.  By giving up 8 inches of her hair, she’s helping to create a wig for a woman fighting cancer.   To allow her to boost her self esteem and feel better while fighting this dreaded disease.

When I asked Cassie why she did it, she replied non-chalantly that many of her friends did it, so it sounded like something she could and wanted to do.  As you can see here, her hair was pretty long.


You can imagine that cutting your hair that much wouldn’t go unnoticed.  She was a bit shocked at first, but hearing so many of her friends tell her how great her hair looked at shoulder length, and getting well deserved props for her good deed made her feel great.  Just as great as she made someone else feel.  And that’s why I wanted to tell the world about her today.

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One Response to Beautiful Lengths Indeed!

  1. Kwana says:

    What a great thing to do and she looks fabulous with her new haircut.

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